2 hours ago
The Gods of Money: How America Was Hijacked with F. William Engdahl, 9:00AM, 99.5FM, New York City @WBAI…
3 days ago
The Gods of Money: How America Was Hijacked with F. William Engdahl……
5 days ago
RT @memoryholeblog: "Just this last weekend hundreds of armed police took part in terrorist attack [exercise] on the River Thames." /…
6 days ago
The Gods of Money: How America Was Hijacked with F. William Engdahl, 1:00PM, Wednesday, March 22nd, 94.1FM @kpfa…
1 week ago
The Deep State As Fake News with Douglas Valentine, 9:00AM, Wednesday, March 22nd, 99.5 FM, @WBAI New York City…

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Latest Broadcast

The Gods Of Money: How America Was Hijacked 
Guest: F. William Engdahl
Finance analyzed as power; Alexander Hamilton's First Bank of the United States; the War of 1812; central banking backed by the power of the state, but in private hands; a silent coup d'etat since 1945 by the international bankers of Wall Street; the 1913 creation of the Federal Reserve as a private central bank; the US Constitution gives the monetary power to congress; President Andrew Jackson and the Second Bank of the United States; the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln arranged by London bankers because he issued Greenbacks to finance the Civil War; President John Kennedy assassinated five months after his proclamation to print silver certificates; the CIA's dark agenda; the Bretton Woods Dollar System; the two pillars of US hegemony: the dollar's reserve status and the world's most powerful military; financial warfare against the Euro; debt slavery; fractional reserve banking; the US empire resembles Rome of the 4th Century. 

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Prior Broadcasts

The Deep State As Fake News
Guest: Douglas Valentine
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