5 days ago
We Are Not Charlie Hebdo: Was It the French 9/11? with @truthjihad @Hsaive……
6 days ago
We Are Not Charlie Hebdo: Was It the French 9/11? with @truthjihad @NoLiesRadio……
6 days ago
We Are Not Charlie Hebdo: Was It the French 9/11? with Kevin Barrett 1pm KPFA 94.1FM 7/22/15……
2 weeks ago
From Donetsk to Athens: Popular Governments Challenge Privately Owned Central Banks with @WebsterGTarpley…
2 weeks ago
Plasma Catastrophist Geology w Michael Steinbacher… #electricuniverse @EU_Theory @tboltsproject…

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We Are Not Charlie Hebdo: Was It the French 9/11?
Kevin Barrett discusses his new anthology, "We Are Not Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11" that includes twenty-two different authors' political analysis of the shooting attack on the Paris satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, of January 7, 2015.
Guest:  Kevin Barrett

Be sure to check out the links and his upcoming appearances in the Bay Area for his book tour posted on the blog.
Plasma Catastrophist Geology
Electric Universe geology is discussed in detail offering insights into catastrophes that our ancestors experienced and is well-documented across many cultures from around the world.  Plasma discharges and comet interaction created aurora like phenomenon described as seething rivers of fires causing metamorphic processes to create the necessary heat and pressure to create geologic formations that can be found in many places, especially the U.S Southwest. Flood deposit layering, dust and particle accumulation during electromagnetic events are also discussed along with lab experiments that can replicate these processes.

Guest:  Michael Steinbacher

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