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Ground Zero 9/11: Blueprint For Terror, P1 with Indira Singh Wed October 8th 1pm KPFA 94.1FM……
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Deep State or Rogue Network? Finance Oligarchs in Discussion of Extra-Legal Methods of Control w @WebsterGTarpley…
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ISIS Czar John Allen Ousted! Well done @WebsterGTarpley @fightausterity @TaxWallStParty for making it happen.…
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Sanders Campaign Evades Issue of War or Peace w/ @WebsterGTarpley… #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016…
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Crypto-Warmonger Sanders Refuses to Condemn Saudi-Backed Genocide in Yemen w @WebsterGTarpley……

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Ground Zero 9/11: Blueprint For Terror, Part One
Indira Singh began working on Wall Street in 1975.  On September 11th, 2001 she was working as a senior consultant for J.P. Morgan Chase tasked with developing a next generation operational risk blueprint which would proactively identify exposures including money laundering, rogue trading and illicit financing patterns. It was in this capacity nine months later that she sought to subcontract with software engineer PTech to design a next generation risk blueprint for J. P. Morgan Chase. Prior to 9/11 she volunteered as a Civilian Emergency Medical Technician until she was injured at ground zero. In Part One we discuss her experiences as an EMT at ground zero on 9/11 and subsequent days, her return to her neighborhood in lower Manhattan, the health problems that she and her neighbors suffered, and begin a discussion of her professional life on Wall Street and her introduction to software engineer PTech.
Guest:  Indira Singh

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VISAs For Al Qaeda
Michael Springmann was Chief of the Non-Immigrant Visa Section in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, from 1987 to 1989. In his position in Jeddah, he was routinely overruled by superiors when he denied VISA applications submitted by unqualified travelers to the United States. The events of September 11th gave him a more profound understanding of the troubles he experienced in that job. He is the author of "VISAs for Al Qaeda: CIA Handouts That Rocked The World - An Insider's View". He describes the American VISAs For Terrorists Program and the Arab-Afghan Legion.
Guest:  J. Michael Springmann

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