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Latest Broadcast

Financial System In Transition
Guest: Ellen Brown 
Ellen Brown’s articles, "Meet BlackRock the New Great Vampire Squid", and "From Lockdown to Police State the Great Re-Set Rolls Out", are discussed; the relationship between the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Central Bank; reserve requirement for banks eliminated; the repo market; the discount window at the Fed thrown open in March 2020; the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act, administered by BlackRock Financial Management on behalf of the Federal Reserve through eleven Special Purpose Vehicles; Blackrock’s Aladdin software data platform; Fed lending against riskier assets than allowed under the Federal Reserve Act; exchange traded funds (ETFs) iShares bought by BlackRock; advantages of public banking; liquidity crises the cause of crashes; quadrillion in derivatives outstanding; World Economic Forum a public/private partnership; great global re-set a re-characterization of the new world order; global digital currency; corporatocracy.

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Prior Broadcasts

Bankrupting the US Economy Is No Solution
Guest: Michel Chossudovsky
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