Let's Stop Torturing Germany

Guest: James Bacque

James Bacque discusses his devastating research into allied war crimes against a defeated Germany in post-World War Two Europe, as detailed in his most famous book, Other Losses; Eisenhower imposes starvation on surrendered German soldiers interned in death camps; official records of German POWs and refugees purged and hidden; eyewitness and survivor accounts of American brutality; the Morgenthau Plan to ravage and grind into dust post-war Germany; Geneva Convention not followed; Soviet KGB archival records of refugees and POWs opened; evidence of war crimes and mass deaths of German prisoners still being suppressed by the governments of Germany, the US, France, Britain and Canada; the real life consequences of a reinterpretation of history.

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art pullman - June 21st, 2019 at 11:58pm

Eisenhower hated Germans. At West Point he was know as the Terrible Swedish Jew. He reclassify prisoner of war to prisoner with out arms to treat the Germany any way he wanted to with out the inspection of the Red Cross. He murder the German by starvation and exposer to the cold weather. More civilians died after the war than during the war. The real holocaust happened to the Germans after the war.. "Other Losses" is a very informative read.