Blockchain Keys Unlock a Murky Metaverse

Guest: Alison McDowell

Blockchain is foundational to tracking assets from the material world into the digital world and necessary to make the metaverse happen; WEF’s planned Internet of Bodies; blockchain – liberation or incarceration; oversight and compliance; digital currencies programmable and controllable; blockchain less about money and more about identity management; national security and public health to enforce a blockchain identity; pandemic used to bring digital identity online; all of your data poured into a digital twin; a digital identifier linked to how you are able to move in the world; programs piloted through global aid systems; global finance defense sector coercion through technology; electronic government on blockchain; UN sustainable development goals on a planetary computing system; executive function research in children to focus on cognitive neuroscience to shape their minds to fit into a world of data analytics; children put on blockchain to earn digital capital; children tracked as commodities; attempt to digitally twin the world; cracking the code of life.

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Christian C. - June 28th, 2022 at 7:49pm

I heard this interview and it blew my mind. This naturally brilliant young woman/independent journalist/author seems to have unraveled the grand scheme of the power elite through big tech's incessant data collection on the population. It will test your whole lens to today's world. ~C