The Truth Burn: 9/11 Science at Burning Man

Guest: John Parulis

Artist and Filmmaker, John Parulis, describes his pioneering work in the webcam and video streaming independent media movement; his work with Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth; his decision to demonstrate how thermite cutter charges can cut through steel; description of the design and construction of the steel truth sculpture; the sculpture trucked to Burning Man in August of 2007 with the intent of bringing it down with thermite cutter charges; description of how to ignite thermite; advice from demolition experts in the film industry; nuclear physicist Dr. Steven Jones requests the residue of conventional thermite from the truth burn to use as a control substance for comparison to dust residue of super or nano thermite taken from the WTC ruins; John Parulis acknowledged in the famous scientific paper, "Active Thermetic Material Discovered in Dust From the 9/11 WTC Catastrophe" in the Open Chemical Physics Journal 2009 published by Bentham Research.

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Cynthia Allaire - April 24th, 2021 at 6:55am

Thank you, Bonnie Faulkner and John Parulis, for this fascinating discussion and major ongoing effort to raise understanding of 9/11.