War In Ukraine: Geopolitical and Economic Fallout

Guest: Andrei Martyanov

Andrei Martyanov enumerates the issues leading up to the Russian military intervention in Ukraine, especially the provocations on the Donbass region under escalating Ukrainian and Azov military attack since 2014; Kiev’s announced intention to become a nuclear power and join NATO. Russia’s recognition of the two Donbass republics led to the retaliatory shutdown of the Nordstream 2 LNG pipeline and will eventually cripple German industry; Europe separated economically from Russia; refugee surge into Russia; Ukrainian forces destroyed; parallel military structure in Ukraine; historical background of the current conflict; Russia’s aims in Ukraine; war is with the West; comparison of US and Russian military forces; western media leaving Russia; dueling nationalization of assets; energy price inflation; SWIFT International Payments System; de-dollarization of global economy; worldwide geopolitical realignment.

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